Why are scrubs usually blue or green?

Initially the doctors and surgeons would wear white coloured clothing, which was meant to represent cleanliness. This was so until the mid-20th century, until the doctors started preferring colours such as shades of blue and green. There were many reasons to switch from white as it was leading to eyestrain and headaches for surgeons and their staff, also fabric weren’t easy to clean as removing stains of blood became hard since it leaves residual stains.

Green became the preferred colour because is it pleasing to the eye and esthetically is the opposite of red on the colour wheel, reducing the effects of blood especially during surgery as it helps them maintain their concentration.

With the development in the apparel industry, a lot of new colours are available to choose from for scrubs, OT Gowns, Ward Boy etc.Various different shades of greens andblues are available, also different cuts and elements of comfort and convenience have been incorporated into hospital wear so that the doctors and staff can work with ease.

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